Friday, February 27, 2015

Good-by February - We've Had Enough of You!

"Yay, Susie. Almost finished with February."

          "The longest month."

"Yes. You've always said that. And it's longer than ever this year. Maybe that's what's bugging Mouse. Hasn't laid an egg in 5 days. The other day she was looking at Florida travel brochures."

"The highest temperature this week was 35 degrees. You don't even want to know what the lowest temperature was. Poor Smeagol, his balls are the size of BBs."

"I think I can smell the bread or maybe just wishful 'smelling'. I should'ave baked it in the oven. It would look pretty pathetic - standing over the bread machine trying to warm my hands!"

"It's so cold, I brought a beer in from the garage and had to put it in the microwave so I could drink it!"

"It's so cold, the woodpeckers are using a chisel to get at the suet!"

"It's so cold, the birds are standing on the ice to warm their feet!"

"OK, OK. I's probably Not That Cold in New Jersey. The Minnesotans are arriving in droves. The word filtered back about our zero degree heat wave."

"Peachy hasn't had any grass in more than a month. So I bought some Wheatgrass seeds from Amazon. I sprouted more than enough. Too many maybe. Peachy might have share with the cats. I even stole some for the bread that's baking in the machine."

"Sad. It's all over the news and Facebook. Leonard Nimoy passed away. Today I think. He was 83."

"Remember I mentioned my appointment with the Shore Heart Group? After I spent months nagging you about going to a doctor, I felt guilty about never going to a doctor myself until it was almost too late - so I didn't really have much choice."

"Well, it was so much fun I made three more appointments with Dr. Spano. The first one was this past Tuesday. It was an all day 'Thing' from 11:00 am 'till 4:00. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get a chance to be examined by cute Ms. Spano,"

"Anyway, it was a Myo heart stress test. Myoview is actually the name of the radioactive isotope that was added to my blood. My heart didn't really get much stress. Most of the time I was either sitting around or trying to stay awake while lying on my back during most of an hour of 'imaging' my radioactive heart. It's no wonder it was hard to stay awake - I wasn't allowed my morning coffee! The stress part of the test was mostly walking on a treadmill for about 10-15 minutes followed by a few minutes of jogging."

"So my heart's in great shape like the rest of me. Actually, a lot better than my hearing, my memory, my knees, and well, some other parts. So I've got great genes and a lot of years left."

"Really wish I could exchange some of those years."

"Good-night Susie."

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  1. She was right about the longest month this year. February seemed to last forever.