Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why I Changed My Mind About Gen. McChrystal

I've been calling the situation in Afghanistan a quagmire since the get-go and as I see it, that ain't gonna change. Duh! It's an F'n Quagmire.
Anyway, I had no expectations about McChrystal's tenure. He seemed OK. I was betting on him not making things worse.
So fast forward to Michael Hastings Rolling Stone's article. I read it.
Let me say up front that there was a lot in that article that could have been on McChrystal's positive side of the ledger. But, early in the article I came across the deal-breaker, the stake through the heart, the unforgivable.
"He prefers Bud Light Lime (his favorite beer) to Bordeaux,...
Bud Light? Bud-Water Light? The drink of losers who can't handle Bud-Water... let alone the taste of real beer?
'Nuf said.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Breaking news - Howell Township, Monmouth County, NJ

State Trooper seriously injured; Armed suspects sought:

(photo credit: Asbury Park Press)

One suspect, a 30 year old women, was captured and a male companion is the object of search by State Police, helicopters, and dogs.
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(photo credit:

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Shy Chickie? & Her Royal Highness Hennie

Actually, she's not shy at all. She's just not very trusting and is constantly assessing her surroundings. I’ve seen her stand her ground and give warnings when confronted with a monster (leaf blower).

I often wonder if her distrusting nature is because of the careless handling she received when very young. Her jaw was broken as a result.
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The chickens have matured. They are about 16 months old.
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