Monday, February 16, 2015

$59 Dollars worth of Sprouts

"I've lost misplaced my glasses. How annoying is that. I'm trying to get by with these ten year old "Reading Glasses." Why should I bother cleaning them? They're short term, temporary, transient, impermanent ... and now I've misplaced the dictionary as well."

"That was days ago. I could use some help here Susie."

          "Where were you when you last had them?"

"I somehow knew you were going to say that."

"I'm sure I had them on when I looked up and noticed I was buying $59 worth of Brussels sprouts."

"I was in the 20 items or less fewer check out. Although I noticed the clerk examining the sprouts in the produce bag, I probably chalked it up to curiosity. After all, she didn't know what those little green things were called. She asked. I joked that I doubted they were from Brussels." 
(Did you notice that little trick with the strikethrough? As MS Word calls it.)

"Anyway, that's the last place I was at. I had no problem seeing the $59 price on the overhead screen. That's when I realized she wasn't curious. She was counting them."

"I knew there were 10 in the bag because the price tag in the produce department was an outrageous $3.99 a pound. So I counted them. It turned out that the price was an error. They were less outrageous at $1.99 a pound."

"I can also say for certain that I've tried putting a $59 loss in perspective. Next to something I've often taken for granted ... a simple touch. The void that's left when a simple touch is forever lost." 

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