Sunday, March 02, 2014

S and his Mentor W

Because of my plot, the old parent/child issue, Don't do as I do. Do as I say, gives me a much sought after reality. The mentor W admits he doesn't know it all and he is flying blind so much of the time. Early in the story, the mentor is rather cold and detached. A result, more or less, of not understanding what his primary "job" will become and how it will be accomplished. In addition, his role as mentor sort of fell in his lap (well, would have if he had a lap) and he never saw it coming.

So I hope to bring the mentor to parenthood with all the good and the bad. S is only 4 years old when the story begins. My book outline is a bit vague after age 21.

You know, typing is damn hard - learned with ten but only having nine.

Fingers that is. 
Special thanks goes out to the wonderful ER staff at the Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune.